Support The Workshop of Davidson Classroom – GoFundMe Campaign



Time: Ongoing
Location: The Workshop of Davidson 275 Monroe Road Lexington, NC 27292

In addition to the vocational and life skills services offered by The Workshop of Davidson over the last 52 years, for the majority of that time, the organization has also provided opportunities for continuing education for our program participants. For years, the Workshop classroom operated as a satellite class for the Davidson County Community College Adult Compensatory Education program, which also meant that DCCC staffed and funded the program. Unfortunately, in 2016, DCCC changed their criteria for student participation in the program, requiring new testing and grade levels that showed marked improvement for students. For many in the Workshop program, this was not feasible and didn’t reflect the true joy that our participants received from taking part in the classroom.

So, the Workshop launched it’s first ever GoFundMe Campaign, “Save the Workshop Classroom”, and to date, has had pretty good success. The goal with the campaign is to generate enough financial support to cover the compensation of our class Instructor for a couple days per week, as well as occasional supplies. Since the beginning of the campaign, the Workshop has raised enough support to keep the class going since November. We now take this month by month, hoping to bring in enough contributions to continue the classroom program for the foreseeable future. On behalf of the dozen or so participants that take part in the art, computer, cooking, reading, math and life skills classes each week, we sure hope to be able to continue this vital service.

You can visit the GoFundMe page directly ( or make secure contributions through our website, designated specifically for the classroom. Thank you for your support!Workshop at Davidson